What does your logo colour mean about your business?

Creating a logo for your company is a defining brand decision and can influence the success of a business. The design of the logo should represent the type of products and the general attributes of the company. Two important aspects of the logo are the graphics and the colours. In a survey “92.6% said that they put most importance on visual factors when purchasing products” (Morton, 2004). A paper called ‘Colour Colour Everywhere… In marketing too” (Kumar, 2006) gave insight into how customers perceived logo colour. Kumar stresses the importance that the logo colours feature “consistently on all communications materials and sales tools” to continue the brand cohesion, and improve its recognisability (Kumar, 2006). Additionally, it is important that the colours do not have negative connotations, particularly “in other parts of world where the company aims to sell the product in the future” (Kumar, 2006).

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 17.53.50
Figure 1: Brand colour wheel shows the emotions linked to specific colours (Edmundson design, 2015).

The golden arches of McDonalds, Twitter’s Bird and the Nike Swoosh are all prime examples of memorable, well known and eye-catching logo’s. Virgin also have a recognisable logo; Brandson Branson decided on a very bold red colour. Looking at the colour wheel, red exudes energy, youth and confidence, and “is the epitome of Virgin’s red hot attitude”(Goodman, 2014). Kumar agued that the colour needs to be relevant to the target audience, and I believe Virgin’s red represents the youth and glamour that Branson targets.

This week I designed the logo for our dragon’s den group project; an app to improve the ease and safety of ticket sales and resale’s for students. The main colour of the logo is Teal, because I wanted to combine the trust worthy and successfulness associated with blue, and to represent the resale of tickets I wanted the universal recycle colour of green.


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