What have I gained from this experience?

Having had no business knowledge prior to this module, and a background lacking in essay writing, I have been surprisingly proud of the blog that I have produced.The process of writing a blog has become more efficient with each week, and I have learnt how to translate my ideas to paper in a concise manner. Applying each lecture specifically to Virgin has allowed me to follow a theme and given structure to my blog, whilst helping me to understand the theories and concepts learnt throughout the course deeper.

I have found many different topics in this module interesting, but particularly the Sales, Marketing and planning lecture. I have always been on the receiving end of marketing schemes, and I had never fully appreciated the amount of time, money and thinking that goes behind each advert and publicity stunt. Moreover, the extensive research behind the emotions associated with colours in logo’s is very thought-provoking, and I was able to apply this knowledge to another part of this course, when creating the logo for my app.

In parallel to this blog I have been working on a Dragon’s Den style process, where my group produced an app. I decided it was important to do research on the competition of our app. Having had a few email exchanges with a particular app I actually managed to unintentionally impress one CEO enough for him to offer me an internship with them this summer. This definitely would not have occurred without the business acumen I have gained from taking this module, and so I can come out of this module very positively.


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